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What is success? Is it being able to have all the wealth unimaginable or always excel at what you do? Well, I believe that only you can answer that. Most people associate success with material stuff but I believe that being content with where you are at and what you really love doing is the true definition of success.

A lot of people have taken a step of faith in leaving their well paying jobs to pursue what interests them or is really in their hearts. It may actually not pay off but the contentment they feel in their hearts surpasses no other.

Achieving success where your life is concerned is important since you will escape depression/stress among other things that are associated with forcing yourself to do something that you are not into. I have come to observe that many people are trapped in certain areas just because they are afraid of doing what really pleases them. Basically it scares them senseless that’s why they prefer settling on the current state of things rather than do what they love. Some are people pleasers and doing something else means that they will lose their acquired status in life together with friends or something like that.

I see this as being foolish (no pun intended) because basically their life surrounds on pleasing the society, which can actually leave one with an unfulfilled feeling.

I believe that for one to enjoy a fulfilled and successful life, steps need to be taken that will ensure success in the long run. This involves defining what success means to you and writing it down together with goals and objectives that pertain to your definition. After this is when you consciously make the effort of achieving each of the written goals and objectives step by step. Have you ever wondered why most people do not accomplish their goals or objectives? It is because they take too long! Once you have settled on what you want done, don’t wait. Management consultant, Alan Weiss, says, “When you are 80% done, then move forward. The final 20% is dysfunctional.” Consider freeing yourself from the limitations that are holding you back by taking a step forward.

Start the journey of achieving success today and get Results NOW!

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