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"Trusted Advisor - Business Expert - Sales Promoter - Marketing Guru" - Rick Hern


These specialized training courses developed exclusively by Results NOW! Consulting have been designed for individuals wanting to take their life and business to the next level. Are you ready to break out of mediocrity? Space is always limited for these courses ~ Don't delay.

"Results NOW! 360 Sales Program"

Everything to streamline any Start-Up or New Business 

Whether you are attempting to enter a new business market or if you’re trying to figure out why you’re not getting the results you expect in your current business, the first place to start is with your Sales Strategy.


Why? Because every market comes with its own set of challenges, and if you aren’t properly prepared, your promotional efforts could be in vain.


If you are experiencing lack luster sales results, don’t be quick to blame your team or even your customers. Instead, it might just be time to take a good hard look at your current sales strategy.


Results NOW! Consulting assists organizations develop and reconstruct their sales strategies for more powerful results. Whether you are in need of a comprehensive analysis of your current strategy or require assistance in completely revolutionizing your company, Results NOW! Consulting has the experience and expertise to help you create abundance in your company.


Our analysis and alternative sales program consulting includes the following:


• Sales Organization —Provides a clear reporting structure and defined roles, along with adding comprehensive assessment of skills, enables mapping target prospects and characteristics of team responsibilities. Align personnel and assets to improve your team and experience powerful results.


•Sales Process — Defined approach for each critical level of the sales process; Prospecting, Qualification, Solution Development, Closing and Account Management. Create a sales process culture that enhances the consumer purchase experience as well as increases employee retention.  


•Sales Performance Management —Aligning compensation packages with organizational objectives and setting clear performance expectations and quantifiable benchmarks are critical if you want your sales team to “Breakthrough” to the next level.


•Sales Training and Support – Develop sales tools and techniques, sales training aids and strategies. On-going Training and Support is extremely important if you want to create and then continue with an expert sales force. We’ll develop premium-training tools for long-term results.


If it is time for your business to redefine itself, or if you need to press the reset button on your sales strategy, contact Results NOW! Consulting to find out how we can help.




"Results NOW! 360 Marketing Program" - Unlimited access to establish pragmatic balance

Are you ready to advance your small business or professional marketing skills? Do you want to make the most of a powerful brand, but aren’t quite sure how to execute your strategy? Then you need assistance from an expert.


At Results NOW! Consulting, I provide my clients with the tools they need to harness their marketing power and improve their business. Whether you are hoping to fulfill company objectives, or are interested in empowering your own personal brand, I can show you have to use marketing tools to accomplish your goals.


If you are ready to shed unproductive marketing strategies and move towards progressive tactics that work, then you are ready for the 360 Marketing Program. This program focuses on four distinct arenas. These include Consumer Awareness, Marketing Effectiveness, Conquest Strategies and Brand Management. Learn more about each aspect down below.


Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness is directly related to how well your business understands its audience. With this program, we will:

  • Explore who your audience is

  • Assess your strategy and uncover portions of your marketing program that aren’t working

  • Offer expert tools that identify your consumer and work to give them what they want


Marketing Effectiveness

Together, we will explore your marketing effectiveness through:

  • Powerful Assessment of your Current Plan

  • Analysis of how it is working as well as falling short of your goals

  • Formulate a new plan


Conquest Strategies

Once we have thoroughly examined your current marketing plan, I will show you how to take definitive action towards your goals. This will involve:

  • Restructuring your marketing plan

  • Redefining your goals

  • Empowerment of your skills


Brand Management

Successful brand management requires leaders to take action towards a comprehensive end goal. Through this program, I will show you how to:

  • Manage your brand in a digital world

  • Narrow down the core concepts that contribute to effective brand management

  • Outline the steps you need to take to increase your brand’s awareness


Marketing is often the only thing that stands between a sub-par brand and greater success, and if you want to identify areas of growth, avoid stagnation, and expand your brand you need professional guidance. Through this marketing program, you will become an expert in the aforementioned areas and increase your confidence so you can offer your services or products in competitive markets.

Redefine your marketing plan, and take hold of the success you deserve with powerful marketing consultation through Results NOW! Consulting. 


"Results NOW! 360 Organizational Program" - 

Get your team rowing in the same direction


For individual performance and team improvement we offer customized coaching and consulting.


Whether it’s achieving your objectives, dealing with stress or improving your communication skills, personalized and team coaching can help. Increase your effectiveness and success both organizationally and personally.


Want to dramatically increase your personal or team success?


Performance Coaching and Organizational Team Consulting is really the fastest way to progress quickly with your personal and professional goals.


In these programs we will work together to help you solve specific issues or challenges you’re currently experiencing. Executives and business owners need a place to go to ask questions, get second opinions, vent frustrations, seek advice, and celebrate successes. It can be a lonely job at the top and that is why astute executives and business owners use coaching to help both them personally and the team to grow and thrive. I offer two high-powered approaches to help achieve success rapidly. 



Executive Organizational Consulting:

Some individuals and teams who require a highly structured relationship with additional accountability for meeting their goals may qualify for the 360 Organizational program.


The Coaching will include:

  • Meet in person or remotely via video-conference for a comprehensive ½ day strategy meeting to identify key factors for your long tern business and personal success. Areas of opportunity may be Leadership, Organization, Time Management, Communication, Delegation, Implementation, Recruiting, Accountability, Motivation, Project Management, Problem Resolution, Action Planning, and Life Balance to name a few

  • Creation of objectives, metrics, and results

  • Over the next several weeks we will have Two (2) - 60 minute sessions per month by either your choice of video conferencing or phone conference, we will harness your vital factors and laser focus your goals to accelerate your business and personal growth.

  • Deadlines, timetables, and accountabilities will be engineered

  • You will always have access to me by e-mail, phone, text, fax, & regular mail. You may choose to call me on a regular basis, correspond via email, set up in-person meetings based on our mutual schedules, video conferencing or use some combination of these. I return all phone calls and text messages within 90 minutes, and all other written correspondence within 24 hours.


This program provides for externally enforced discipline, in that you and/or your team are accountable for specific completion activities on certain dates on which I follow-up.


          (12- weeks engagement)    


Call for additional details of how Results NOW! Consulting can help develop Leaders, Abundance and Life Balance.










Organizational "Breakthrough" Consulting:

The Executive "Breakthrough" program is the same as the Executive Organizational program, but on hyper-drive! 


In addition to the above, you will receive:

  • Longer term committment

  • Mandatory weekly phone sessions

  • Access outside of normal business hours


This program is ideal for the executive or business owner that is prepared to make a serious, long-term commitment to growing personally, professionally, and becoming a "Results NOW! Leader."



    (minimum 9- months engagement)      


Please note that this program is non-cancelable, regardless of the method of payment you choose. If necessary, you can choose one “freeze” in a 12 month period due to an event or illness, but there are no refunds.



Call for additional details of how Results NOW! Consulting can help develop Leaders, Abundance and Life Balance.


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