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Our Video Tips

These Free Videos are to help develop Leaders, Abundance and Life Significance.
Rick has been in the trenches and understands first hand the obstacles leaders experience and helps formulate strategies for select individuals to "Breakthrough" to the next level!


Put good stuff in... to get great stuff out!

What you put in your mind determines the lens in which you see the world.

Stretegic Sales & Marketing

Quantify. Strategize. Implement. Monitor.​​ Follow -Up. Repeat.

7 Secrets to Leadership Success

Clarity. Competance. Constraints. Concentration. Creativity. Concentration. Commitment.


Results NOW! Consulting

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It's OK to Fall

If you're not falling... you're not pushing yourself. Get up. Brush off. And get going!​

46' Black Thunder - Life Balance

The family and me out for a 60MPH cruise!

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