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Add more value, drive more results. The automotive retail market is evolving. Ever-increasing competition, non-traditional sales channels, and more demanding consumers continue to put a strain on traditional margins—and your growth. You need an experienced partner who can help you grow now and well into the future.



Increace product sales, Income Development and Compliance

Results NOW! Consulting brings to every client engagement an arsenal of Top Tier F&I Products to ensure dealer profitability and ease of client administration as well as a suite of Income Development opportunities.


Our strategy is simple. And the benefits are real! Take control and own 100% of your program profits. We make it simple to establish your own service and maintenance program (NCFC or CFC) by providing all required materials, documents, and contractual liability insurance. Unlike traditional service contract programs, you hold the cash, providing financial leverage and investment income potential.


We understand our clients' businesses and we understand the factors that drive your customers' behaviors. As a result, our income development strategies are uniquely equipped to identify areas of opportunity in your business, and then work closely with you to implement training programs, consumer protection products, compliance and software solutions designed to maximize F&I efficiencie and enhance customer 



To improve our clients’ F&I product penetration and overall profitability, Results NOW! Consulting offers:


  • Assessment, recommendation, and implementation of F&I and Sales policies and procedures

  • On-site training to strengthen sales skills and maintain compliance

  • Monthly review of F&I production

  • Review of claims issues with your service department

  • Review of billing statements with the office staff

  • Review of quarterly pro-forma and cession statements

  • Review potential employee candidates













Create the culture and behaviors of Sales Professionals

Ask yourself these questions. How are you:


  • Overcoming the challenges of an underperforming or average sales team?

  • Averting the costs of high turnover?

  • Adapting a culture and behavioral mindset that drives profit and increases revenue?


Do you have easy answers to those questions? Probably not. Results NOW! Consulting goes beyond traditional methodologies that temporarily fuel sales teams without changing culture, behaviors and attitudes for sustainable benefit.


We are dedicated to identifying and changing behaviors to transform teams into Top Performers. We combine proven learning principles with interactive tools to target the skills needed to:


  • Enhance bottom line productivity

  • Close more sales

  • Increase loyalty

  • Build your brand


As the first point of customer contact, your sales team is often the difference between a lost prospect and a loyal advocate. By equipping your team with the skills to meet performance goals, you’re making a lasting investment that can be measured in terms of elevated sales and profit.


Results NOW! Consulting provides:


  • Industry-leading behavior based coaching proven to transform an underperforming staff

  • An analysis and customized program development for each member of your team

  • Development of an ongoing Progression Training plan, resulting in sustainable performance improvement

We understand the challenges you face each day because we’ve been down the same road — Make a difference in your Sales Team and get Results NOW!









There are critical keys to management growth and we’ll show you how to evaluate what you’re doing now, how to set accurate projections and forecasts, and we’ll teach you why it’s critical and exactly how to set and reach your sales and profit goals.


Results NOW! Consulting Management Training is used to analyze and maximize a dealership’s potential. It teaches managers to reinforce the sales staff’s ability to exceed the customer’s expectations.


Our education focuses on our commitment to bring out the best in people. This is taught by highlighting essential elements of Sales Management and developing exceptional leadership qualities.


Sales Management Essential Elements


  • Recruiting

  • Training

  • Leadership

  • Planning

  • Prospecting

  • Selling

  • Desking

  • Follow up


There are basic rules in management: I have to know exactly what I expect, I have to tell them what I expect, I have to show them how to do it, I have to coach and support them while they do it, and I have to check in regularly to make sure they’re doing it.


Results NOW! Consulting will show you how to follow these rules every day in every way, so you can get maximum Results NOW!


Market Driven Dealerships hope it works out - Management Driven Dealerships make it work out. 



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