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The One Percent Rule

As a consultant, I am always on the lookout for simplistic business solutions. I recently came across an article where the author introduced a seriously simple, yet powerful idea. That idea is Alan Weiss’ “One percent Solution”. The idea goes like this: If you want to improve your business or leadership skills, all you need to do is work on improving them by 1 percent each day, and within 70 days you will have improved your skillset by 100 percent. From a mathematics standpoint, he is completely correct. Of course, you could easily pick the idea apart, noting that it isn’t a sustainable way to improve your business, but you’d be missing the point.

The goal of this “simplistic solution” is to shift your thinking towards positivity. No matter how great your business strategy is or how well defined your goals are, you cannot connect with your consumers if you aren’t a skilled leader and business manager. Leadership isn’t a skill that can be learned, it has to be experienced and refined over time, and that is how the one percent rule can change your life. It teaches you that through a bit of effort and a bit of time, you can become skilled at any task you put your mind to.

Below I’ve outlined a few areas where, in my experience, many business leaders could use some work. Consider them and compare your daily schedule to see if the one percent rule could help improve your work and personal life.

Charge Your Clients for the Value You Offer

Anyone can charge for their time, but only a true leader can rightfully charge for the value they provide. The better you get at what you do (with the one percent rule), the more you can reasonably charge for your expertise. If you charged by the hour you’d be penalizing yourself for being efficient! That’s crazy, and doesn’t work well for you or your clients. Grow your skills and charge for the value that you offer to see the results you want.

Time Management

During the 70 days you apply the one percent rule, create a calendar and schedule EVERY task for your day. Budget your time and prepare for your day. Initially keep track of every action for the first 72 hours to find out where you’re spending your time. Start investing your energy in more important areas to improve your skills and your business.

Plan it Out

Before you start your day, take a moment to reflect on what you want to accomplish that coming day. Don’t just spring out of bed and hit the road. Allow time to analyze what you want to accomplish by setting the alarm a bit earlier and review the tasks for your day ahead.

Follow Through

After your day has ended, review what you’ve accomplished. Plan your strategy for the next day, clear your desk and reset your calendar. This gives you a chance to start the following day off fresh.

What one thing can you improve by 1% today in your business or leadership skills?

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