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"Trusted Advisor - Business Expert - Sales Promoter - Marketing Guru!" - Rick Hern


These specialized training courses developed exclusively by Results NOW! Consulting have been designed for individuals wanting to take their life and business to the next level. Are you ready to break out of mediocrity? Space is typically limited for these courses ~ Don't delay!

"Business in a Box"

Everything to streamline any Start-Up or New Business 

Do you want to streamline your Start-Up or enhance your new business?


This accelerated course includes everything you could want or need to take your business to the next level.


Organizing your thoughts, analyzing your market, and pulling together a comprehensive business plan is no easy task, but with the Business in a Box program, you can do so seamlessly.


Learn the ins and outs of successful business management and organization through this powerful course chalk full of the information you need to be successful. Empower your brand, discover new ways to connect with your audience and enjoy one-on-one coaching sessions from a seasoned business professional.


Launching a new business is a serious undertaking, and as such, requires serious dedication on your part. Now that you have successfully laid the groundwork for your new venture, it is time to learn how best to release it to the world. With so many strategies available, it can be difficult to know where to start. The Business in a Box program takes aim at the stressful nature of business and helps you get in touch with strategies proven to produce results.  


This fast-track course provides you with the resources and guidance you need to launch your start-up or take your new company to the next level. The course includes the following assistance and tools for your use: 


  • Meet in person or remotely via video-conference for a comprehensive ½ day strategy meeting to identify key factors for your long tern business and personal success. Areas of opportunity will be a Business Plan Review, Statistical Analysis, Leadership Coaching, Review of Processes and Controls, Sales System Integration as well as Marketing Effectiveness.

  • Over the next several weeks of regular weekly 60 minute sessions, by either your choice of video conferencing or phone conference, we will harness your vital factors and laser focus your goals to accelerate your business and personal growth.

  • You will always have access to me by e-mail, phone, text, fax, & regular mail. You may choose to call me on a regular basis, correspond via email, set up in-person meetings based on our mutual schedules, video conferencing or use some combination of these. I return all phone calls and text messages within 90 minutes, and all other written correspondence within 24 hours.


(12- week engagement)              $3950

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"Trusted Advisor      Program"  - Unlimited access to establish pragmatic balance

Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, residing at the top can be harder than it appears.


Your daily decisions are complicated, and directly affect the employees who answer to you. These decisions include:

  • Business Operations—How to expand, improve, and market your brand

  • Team Dynamics—Determine the best way to resolve conflict and utilize the talent of your team

  • Brand Strategy—Deciding how to boost revenue and enhance your brand’s reputation

  • Prioritizing Tasks—Balancing activities, delegating the workload, and finding time for you


 Each of these decisions are typically made without assistance from external sources, which creates its own problems. These issues can include:

  • Difficulty separating emotions from the task at hand

  • Absence of intellectual challenges (i.e. everyone is a yes man)

  • Difficulty in sharing your desires to create positive results

  • Lack of a second opinion to assure you you’re on the right path


Despite the challenges presented, wise entrepreneurs and executives understand the value of guidance in their business journey. Thankfully, you now have a place to turn to receive the assistance you need to expand your business.


Through the Trusted Advisor Program, you gain exclusive access to expert coaching to help make critical decisions that influence your business. As a business coach, I’ve successfully helped countless small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives reclaim their decision-making skills while regaining the relationship they have with their employees.


Here’s what you can expect from the 12-month Trusted Advisor Program:

  • An initial meet-and-greet session in person or via video conference to establish your needs and the strategies we can use to achieve them.

  • Unlimited access to my services for 12 months via phone, email, and text. You can contact me with concerns, issues, questions, or topics that require immediate attention.

  • Enhanced response time. Through this program, you can expect all calls to be returned within 60 minutes during business hours and texts and emails answered within 90 minutes. This exclusive offer is only available through the “Trusted Advisor” program.

  • Regularly scheduled 60-minute monthly session via videoconference or phone to make sure all your concerns are addressed and that accountability is being fulfilled. 


If you need answers to issues unique to your situation, or require guidance for making better decisions, then the Trusted Advisor program is ideal for you. But don’t wait! This program is extremely limited and openings are quickly filling up. Secure your spot and gain access to the personalized executive coaching that you need by signing up today!


(12- months engagement)         $9850                             paid in advance


(Quarterly or monthly installments available for certain budgetary planning)



Please note that this program is non-cancelable, regardless of the method of payment you choose. If necessary, you can choose one “freeze” 1n a 12 month period due to an event or illness, but there are no refunds.





Are you struggling to overcome an obstical, or do you need that little extra push to realize your goals? If so, then the Fast Start Program is right for you!


Through this ammended program, you gain access to a variety of expert tools along with comprehensive guidance from me.

Technically an entry-level accountability program, the Fast Start Program helps you take the first step towards accomplishing your personal and professional goals. Why might you need this service? Imagine, for a moment, that you just had one thing that you could to do to revolutionize your life. What would you choose?


With this course, you’ll learn to identify obstacles that stand in between you and advancement in the professional and personal arena and narrow down how best to reenergize yourself and your business.


Here’s what you can expect from the powerful Fast Start Program:


  • Two Hour Session via phone or videoconference to identify your issues. Program includes direct access to critical information and business experience that is unavailable elsewhere.


  • Identification and quantification of the best possible action plan to take you and your business to the next level



  • Weekly accountability to ensure you are on the right path—these take place via phone or videoconference. Accountability contributes to your growth and keeps you heading towards your goals.


  • Training and support for your business ideas. Learn how to implement the strategies and guidance provided so you make the most out of the Fast Start Program.


  • Powerful feedback to help you determine a better way to develop your company or personal life.



Discover your abilities and unleash the power within, with the Fast Start Program from Results NOW! Consulting! 



(30- day engagement)                $995

"Fast Start Program" - Harness your potential and excellerate your business



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