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Are You a Difference Maker?

The people who’ve made the biggest impact on my life possessed certain qualities that I can now clearly recognize. As a business consultant, family man, and active member of my community I’ve come to realize that difference makers possess a few unique qualities that can make or break their objective.

Today, I’m laying these qualities out for you to compare your own abilities and access that inner difference maker.


People who make a difference are almost always self-starters who have contagious energy to get things done. Think Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy, any of the greats. They all possess a certain level of initiative to take on tasks that others wouldn’t even begin to consider.


The ability to see beyond the obvious is key to making a real difference. Claiming new objectives and taking control over what could be, separates the sheep from the Shepard. Defining your vision and acting on it will distinguish you from the crowd.


Letting go of glory and recognition is a critical quality amongst difference makers. Putting the vision first, rather than your own personal prestige, will help you become a difference maker.


Teamwork is much more involved than simply putting together a team. Leaders need to be involved with the objective, and encourage and support their team members throughout the process. Nothing great has ever been done alone, and by supporting your team, you can create something truly unique.


Commitment to the vision is key in actually achieving it. Hanging in there for the long haul can create completely different outcomes from giving up at the first sign of trouble.


Affirming that your team is on the right track and creating excitement for the task at hand, can assist you in developing a product or business that makes a serious difference.


Staying true in your character and actions regardless of what you’re facing, takes discipline. It is also a key ingredient in creating something amazing.


Confidence in your objective represents security, faith and determination. When your team is dependent on you to keep moving forward, you have to display confidence and faith that it can be done.

What are some ways that you can infuse these qualities into your leadership role, and which of these areas do you need to work on the most?

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