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Spring is in the air...

After a long and hard winter in the US, most of us are ready to experience the rejuvenating warmth of the springtime. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, the daffodils and tulips are blooming and the world is bursting with life. It is a marvelous time, one that most of us look forward to after the cold reality of winter. Of course, without winter we might not be able to appreciate the beauty of the springtime.

Spring also conjures up memories of better times and warm fuzzy feelings. It motivates some of us to drop a few extra pounds, to eat healthier and prepare for the exciting months ahead. Ask any child if they like spring or summer and you will likely receive a resounding “yes” in response. For parents and adults, however, springtime takes on a new meaning.

For example, the smell of fresh cut grass shows someone is working hard to keep his or her lawn under control. Neighbors out jogging are displaying their desire to stay fit and active during the warmer months. The sound of hammers hitting wood might also echo out across the landscape denoting a time of change, advancement, and preparation. All of this points to one thing, the future.

Preparation is the catalyst for positive change. It involves determination, hard work, and of course organization. Without preparation, how can you ever move from one thing to the next? In my own life, I have experienced that preparation is the key to positive change and advancement in business, as well as in relationships. Getting rid of the old and replacing it with the new is the only way to create a life that grows with you, rather than staying in the mistakes and shortcomings of the past.

This spring is your time to shine. It is a time to get organized in your personal life and in your business. Spring-cleaning and getting rid of the old is best done during the rejuvenating and invigorating spring months. The fact is, if you have not used something in the last year you likely won’t over the coming new year. So get out a list and start writing down what you would like to keep and what you don’t. Then take action and eliminate the refuse.

Of course, this same rule applies to your business. Expanding your business is no doubt on the top of your list (after all, you’re here aren’t you), and if you want to move forward you have to unleash yourself from the past. That means eliminating the bottom 10-15% of your least productive and most time consuming activities and clients. Doing so will free you up for future growth. I know it might sound crazy and even scary at first, but getting rid of business is actually imperative to continuing your growth as a business leader. It enables you to

reinvent yourself instead of stagnating where you currently are.

In reality, we can all learn from springtime. Take a cue from the birds, the grass, and flowers. Learn that by letting go and releasing your fears, you can experience greater fulfillment both in your career and in your personal life.

How can you learn to “let go” this spring, both in your business and in your relationships?

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