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Stop banging your head against the wall

Like many other young children, I was extremely adventurous in my youth. I felt almost unstoppable and unbreakable in any given situation. Perhaps it was the newness of life that made me feel as such, or perhaps it had to do with the energy and vigor that coursed through my veins, either way I was carefree. This was never truer than in the warm summer months when my friends and I headed out the door after breakfast to search for adventures in our neighborhood. We always managed to get back before dark, which likely had to do with our knowledge of the repercussions if the streetlights turned on before we returned.

That was, of course, until one adventure I had quite literally knocked some sense into me. One afternoon, my buddy and I decided to make a fort inside of our garage rafters. I was determined to lead the way and to show him precisely how it should be done. Unfortunately, the rafters were not exactly a “kid-friendly” zone and I ended up falling out of them landing on my head. I spent that night in the hospital with a concussion. Although I recovered from my preventable fall and subsequent injury, what I did not recover from, however, was the regret I felt that night after falling.

I realized a very important lesson. Had I listened to my friend’s advice, I would not have found myself with a concussion. I had foolishly pressed on towards what I thought was the goal, failing to consider that perhaps the advice given to me was out of concern. The lesson was simple: sometimes it is better to rely on another individual’s advice rather than my own. Alternatively, you could also say, it is better to depend on the opinion of “a trusted advisor”, rather than your own. That day my buddy had warned me that I could fall and get hurt while I was perched on the ledge of the garage rafters. I had ignored him and that had been my downfall.

Fast-forward to today, and life as an adult is much the same as the garage rafters I perched myself on that day. It can be dangerous if we try to go at it alone. No matter what we know, or attempt to know, we have to learn it from someone who came before us. The same rule applies to doing things on our own as business owners or leaders. We need assistance, whether in the form of employees or leadership, or even a trusted advisor to help us create the abundance and significance in our life we want. Anyone who strives to do everything themselves will quickly realize they are simply banging their head against the wall.

If you are a business leader and are looking for abundance in ALL areas of your company, if you work in an office environment and are looking to accelerate your career, or trying to balance it all and have significance in your life, you have a choice to either go at it alone or to listen to those who may have already experienced your situation. Or perhaps you are attempting to do the same thing over and over in business or in life and expect a different result.

If you or your business is on the edge, if you are looking to revolutionize your business or your life, if you are interested in developing leadership, abundance and significance in your life, then we need to talk!

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