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Stand UP for what you believe

A Ballard, WA home for sale on NW 46th Street is adorned with balloons and is surrounded on three sides by the menacing concrete walls of a shopping center.

The tiny house was once owned by Edith Macefield, who in 2006 turned down $1 million to sell her home to make way for a commercial development. Her remarkable story of defiance inspired the acclaimed Disney movie UP. The house still stands all these years later in defiance.

Why would this elderly woman, who knew she only had limited time left on this Earth turn down so much money just to stay in her home? It's because, after her long and adventurous life, she wanted to die at peace in her home. Which she did just two years later, after gaining worldwide notoriety for her refusal to sell and inspiring millions of people to "hold on to things that are important to you."

What things of importance need to be re-arranged on your priority schedule?

The home is now for sale but this sale isn't typical. The realtor stated “it's more than just a house...this house is a symbol of defiance.”

There is no asking price.

Buyers need to make an offer and the highest price offer may not be the winner. The realtor said the buyer needs to guarantee that the home or something of significance must remain to honor Macefield's memory.

There is talk of turning the house into a small museum; one that commemorates Edith, her fortitude, and her amazing life. We celebrate and commemorate a lot of silly things in America… many things more silly than this.

Way to go Edith! Thanks for showing us what you believe in and making us think!

Similarly by deciding what we want in life and then sticking to it gives us the fortitude to accomplish our own awe-inspiring acts.

If you want to increase the Abundance in Your Life and want to Prioritize and Accomplish what is Really Important to YOU call - Results NOW! Consulting.

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