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Losing isn't the end

Losing in any area of your life is always painful and a sensible and practical or logical approach to overcome needs to be taken. Allow me to approach this topic in the business sense where by you may have recently lost a client. As an entrepreneur, one of the most dreaded moments is when you lose a valuable or potential client. When this happens, there is always the disturbing and abrupt feeling one gets and I can tell you for sure that it is usually not at all pleasant. You may be asking yourself questions such as, “what went wrong?” or “why didn’t they appreciate my work?”

Don’t get me wrong, it is normal for you to feel frustrated or angry but after you are done with that, it is important to learn from that experience so as not to repeat it. This is in regards to making sense of what went wrong and moving past it. Bouncing back may not be as easy but I came to learn that as a business person, it is paramount. This is how to do it.

When a client calls back and affirms that they are not going through with your particular preposition take a deep breath before answering and never get defensive with the client. If you find that you cannot think straight after the initial conversation, politely thank them and request that you need to ponder about what they have just said and that you will call them again later. This gives you time to formulate your response as opposed to responding in an unprepared way.

I’ve always found it appropriate to ask why a client is not engaging my services since this sort of gives me closure and doesn’t leave me wondering why. If at all the problem lies with my services or something in that line, this then gives me an opportunity to amend it and this helps me avoid making the same mistake again. The reason may also have nothing to do with you but rather with them in regards to something like budget cuts. This then provides an opportunity for them to work with you in the future in the event that their finances improve.

What area in your life do you feel a loss? What do you want to do about it?

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